Property maintenance and managemant

We provide ourselve wide range of property services as well as we organising people and compannies who will do it best. The most common are:

  • power washing,
  • general tydying (including gardens and house/hall cleaning after buildery site and wastes, after wind, snow and rain storms, after parties and other jobs),
  • timber/wood/metal preserving and repairs (all timber, wood, metal elemants around the garden)
  • pond clearence,
  • patio repointing and sealing,
  • carpentry works and repairs (doors, furniture etc.),
  • tools sharpening and maintenance,
  • roofs and gutters repair, felting and clearence,
  • drenages,
  • whole property maintenance and managemant, including interior design*, redecorating, painting, repairs, cleaning and tidying inside and outside,
  • windows cleaning – inn and out (plus frames)
  • special prepearing gardens for the party, decorating gardens
  • repairing window frames and other exterior objects,
  • installing wattering systems, CCTV cameras, lights, speakers, fog and water features,

*We cooperate with qualified, fully proffesional aned experienced interior architectors end highest class modern furniture specialists and designers to make our serveces comprehensive and easier to access for The Customer