Comprehensive Design

COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN fully professional, whole garden/exterior area as well as small projects/compositions on 3D simulation and on canvas, including (optionally):

  • 3D visualisation pictures,
  • the layout plan,
  • topography,
  • watering system plan,
  • electrical line and lightening plan,
  • hard landscaping plan,
  • planting design plan ( including descriptions, photos and information about plants),
  • interactive plan, basing on the pictures of the garden,
  • making own projects (hand-made and craft) of special decorative features like BBQs, birds feeders etc., adequate to necessarity and garden visual shape,
  • small arrangations like hanging baskets and pots;

Caution!: to avoid worrisome consequences for you, we always take in mind Your opinion, but also the environmental, geo-topographycal, soil, natural light, sesons, neighbourhood and other natural or innatural conditions which might determinate the design and whole project.