• Butterfies show on Wisley Gardens 2015

    It’s really amasing show, large butterflies are flying around the people in the glasshouse!
    20150218_125623 20150218_12434220150218_124128

  • Like …? – delight with us and share your opinion ;)


    Please share your opinion with us, tel us if you like it and why.

  • Live nature – soon…

    Dear All,

    Soon you could see live – films, showing how the nature lives like a something interesting and great tutorial for kids. We nearly got them ready ,but prepearing some more.




  • Big THANKS from JHG

    Thanks very much to all, who helped with realisation our new inroduction film, localised on the Home Page. Kindest regards! Join us and delight garden!


  • Garden advices

    Dear All, keen of the garden,
    A lot of you were asking  for an consultancy about garden. Follow the suggestion, we’ll be providing also the advice page on our website.
    Alternatively you can contact us with questions about garden, plants, landscaping solutions or design advice, filling the enquiry form, mailing or texting.

  • Offer

    Our offer of regular maintenance and comprehensive garden buid and work it’s still actual!
    We already cooperate with few developers from SW area and estate/management agencies, but we’re very happy to undertake any others cooperations/contracts with building companies, agencies and managements as we’ve got more people now.
    Contact if need or know any who needs.

  • Project Cobham – planting and turfing in progress

    Our actual project in progess – Cobham, realised for Intercon Homes Development, is in progress now and soon you can see the picture of one.
    Regards. J

    …And this is the latest update – promised pictures while proceeding :)

    20140915_115547  20141029_164121 20141029_164141 20141030_14243420141030_143127    20141030_160826 20141030_160839 20141105_15470020141023_13573420141029_164352

  • Job recruitment advert

    We urgently need gardeners/landscapers – part time,temporary and even full time.

    Knowledge, experience and skills required.

    Mobility/own transport well seen. If you’re interested, please go to “CONTACT US” and fill the form with tittle: “TO JOB”. Thank you.

    J’s Harmony Gardens